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City Kitty Kamloops

Custom Catios and Pet Furniture

Enhancing Your Pet Ownership!

Our goal at City Kitty is to help you create a safe, functional and beautiful space for your pets. We love to work with our clients to create custom designs that will fit your home, and amaze your furry friends! 

What we Create

Unique designs of all sizes and shapes

We love working with you to create custom designs, themes and colours

What we Utilize

Weather Resistant Materials

Our work is designed to last!

What we Build

Cat Walks, Bridges, Raceways, and more!

Structures to help your pets live their best life

What we Design

Custom Graphics to make your feline friend feel at home

We love the use of graphics in making our structures

Purr-Fect Living At It's Best!


From Window Boxes to Backyard Runways

We would love to talk to you about your dream project. 
Contact us for a Free Quote Today!

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